All your trainings stats are in your pocket with Avionicus
Free app without ads. Simple and powerful tracker.
Convenient tracker app designed for most sports, including air sports
Sasha Serebrennikova pilot #1 in the world uses Avionicus to analyze the flights. (FAI ranking, HG Class 1, #1 women)

One touch track recording

Conveniently located controls let you use this application during training. Record a track, leave a comment and share it with friends. It got much easier!

All-in-one tracker

Just install Avionicus on your smartphone and record every training. Be aware of your average and maximum speed, track distance, total training time, pulse and calories burnt. Motivate yourself with your results. Practise. Win.

Stay on-line

Stay in touch with your friends! Inspire yourself with their training statics in the city and don’t lose their sight in the wild. Leave comments, take photos and share emotions of every training.

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